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Breathe in the Clean and Rejuvenating Mountain Air at Twin Lakes

It is interesting that Twin Lakes is described as a “vineyard resort community.” More than just the imagery of living in a calm, lush and bountiful setting where grape vines are able to bear a bumper crop of fruit, those who are spiritually inclined will be aware of the associations that come with the word “vine” and “vineyard.” In religious text, “vine” is a word that is used to signify spiritual good. Taken in that context, the description of Twin Lakes as a vineyard resort community is apt. As a calm and relaxing place where one can set aside the travails of urban living, it is a good place to rest one’s weary bones and revive one’s burdened or ailing spirits.
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Tycoon Brings Two Passions to the Fore

Tycoon Andrew Tan inspects the various grape varieties in the Finca Constancia Vineyard in Toledo, Spain with the Estate’s Chief Winemaker, Beatriz Paniagua.

Can a tycoon ever meld his twin passions for landmark real estate developments and fine wine?

Apparently, yes, if one inspects the newest venture of Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI) chair Andrew Tan. Twin Lakes, featuring more than 1,100 hectares of land, is the first master-planned integrated tourism estate in Tagaytay City and the country’s first and only vineyard resort community.

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