5 Smart Ways to Spend your 13th month Pay!

Christmas is definitely in the air! And in the Philippines, when Christmas season kicks off, Filipino employees are all excited for one precious thing: The 13th month pay.

In this part of the year, you are almost done checking your bucket list (hopefully) and you are already aiming to complete it this year with the help of your 13th month pay. There are different ways on how people use their 13th month pay: surprise their family members with Christmas presents, book their #TravelDestination, while others treat themselves with new luxurious items. But do you know who are the wittiest of them all? Those who take their 13th month pay as an opportunity to invest.

Your 13th month pay is a product of your hard work for the entire year! Don’t just settle for less! Here’s a list of tips on how you can spend your 13th month pay wisely.


Now’s your chance to settle the amount you owe, whether that’s credit card debt, personal loans, amortization, or even borrowed cash from family and friends. You don’t even have to pay it in full, but you can use your 13th month pay to reduce it significantly. By simply reducing or settling your debts, you may be able to start building your emergency fund.


Speaking of emergency fund, you can freely use your 13th month pay to open a separate savings account for your urgent needs such as healthcare expenses, home repairs, or even job loss. From there, make it a habit of depositing even a small percentage of your future income until you reach your financial goal.


Love yourself. You are your own biggest investment. Don’t hesitate to spend your 13th month pay on your career or personal growth. Consider developing your talents or skills by taking a certificate course, joining a seminar or workshop, or buying books that will enrich your knowledge and sharpen your skills.


Your 13th month pay is the perfect opportunity for you to finally start the business you’ve long been dreaming of! Whether that’s an online store, a food business, or a sari-sari store, you can use your year-end bonus to jumpstart your road to owning your very own business.


Most Filipinos dream of earning passive yet secured income, and investing in real estate is the answer. Real estate companies now offer more affordable payment terms! Always look for companies that offer affordability yet high quality standard properties. Check out properties which are still on its pre-selling stage, we assure you that you will find an affordable one!

Check out Twin Lakes, the Philippines 1st Vineyard Resort Township Community, and its on-going “RESERVE NOW, PAY NEXT YEAR” promo! It’s a limited offer for people who are searching for an investment outside of the congested metropolitan areas and consider land as a valuable investment.

Let your 13th month pay cover the cost of your first real estate investment. Purchasing lots and condominiums in the Philippines is one of the smartest investments that you will ever make. Be wise and use your 13th month bonus to choose your #PerfectInvestment.

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