30 Jun 2020

From Urban to Rural: Why everyone is raving about living in provinces.

Metro Manila is riveting for many reasons. For one, it is the country’s center for business, education and government as multinational companies, top universities, business districts, shopping malls and entertainment places can be found here. But, as appealing as it may sound, living in Metro Manila may not be as free and easy as it may seem. Metro Manila is known for a lot of reasons, and one of them is having the worst traffic. In the 2019 survey conducted […]

02 Jul 2019

A Day to Day Treat

It’s now your chance to experience our generous treats! Enjoy our company and see us at Frieda’s Restaurant, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, BGC and Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay – Nasugbu Highway, Laurel, Batangas. Don’t miss the chance of making your dreams come true! See you there!

07 Jun 2019

Independence Day Sale!

Twin Lakes gives you the freedom to invest on its remarkable projects with our Independence Day Promo. Invest and avail our Independence Day Promo and enjoy up to P300,000.00 discount valid until June 17, 2019.

04 Apr 2018

Drop everything, you deserve to feel the love!

Did you ever stop for a moment and felt overwhelmed and down? How about those times when you suddenly feel that you need someone yet no ones available to be with you? Or those moments when you feel that your world is too unfair and stressful that you would gladly drop everything and leave it behind? You know what, there’s a place that could be your escape when the world lets you down. You are free to create new memories […]

03 Apr 2018

It’s not too late! Move Out and Go South!

The value of living in the South encourages urban citizens to buy a property outside of the metro. Apart from the growing of modern conveniences and benefits of living in the South, the place promotes tourism, culture, nature, and productivity in innovating the lives of its people both for the present and future generations. Here are the three great advantages of living in the South: 1. Be with nature everyday The whole South is famous for its environmental friendly developments. […]

08 Mar 2018

A Grand Lifestyle Offered Only at Twin Lakes!

The Philippines’ First Vineyard Resort Township Community welcomes its residents and guests with an impeccable view of the famous Taal Lake and Volcano. It has a soulful calm environment that welcomes residents and guests, together with the unobstructed view of the famous vineyard plantation that gives out the Napa Valley vibe. It’s the vision of Global Estate Resorts, Inc. to give Filipinos the chance to experience a breathtaking scene that is just few hours away from Manila. Located at the […]

05 Mar 2018

6 habits to upgrade your life this 2018!

As sure as the fireworks start to spark up in the sky on New Year’s Eve, millions of Filipinos start to believe that it’s their chance for a fresh start. Maybe they would want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle or just improve themselves generally. But without specific, attainable goals in mind, those resolutions will always be a part of the list (which could be used again for the next year). This time, make sure your 2018 is […]

06 Feb 2018

Your Best Choice for Living in the South: Tagaytay!

Metro Manila is definitely the first choice of people who want everything within reach: working districts, luxurious malls, expensive and credited schools, and everything that would make someone feel the “city living.” On the other hand, the metro has its own drawbacks as well: overpopulated, pollution, stressful traffic, and the rising cost of living.

06 Feb 2018

5 Smart Ways to Spend your 13th month Pay!

Christmas is definitely in the air! And in the Philippines, when Christmas season kicks off, Filipino employees are all excited for one precious thing: The 13th mont

06 Feb 2018

The Best Thing About the South: An escape within your reach!

Cool breeze, open spaces, and fresh air, these are the things that people always say whenever they hear the word “South”. From those, one could conclude something; South is quite, simple, and home. From being easily accessible due to the construction of Skyway, Expressway, and service roads, the South is definitely the best choice for people seeking refuge from the intoxicating vibe

06 Feb 2018

The Best Places to Bring Your Balikbayan Friends!

So you’ve got friends visiting the Philippines and by now, you might be wondering where to bring them this time of the year? Or maybe you’re a balikbayan yourself? Ditch the nightclubs, after parties, and same old shenanigans. The Philippines has got so much more to offer, and planning for your guests’ balikbayan tour doesn’t have to be so stressful.   Here, Twin Lakes, gives you 5 destinations that will surely make you crave for more travel and adventure!   […]

06 Feb 2018

Tips and Tricks for Real Estate Investing!

Buying real estate is more than just finding a place you can call your home. There’s a lot to learn and to familiarize with before trusting someone to help you achieve that dream you have for several years already. However, some people perceived real estate investing as a scary decision or a “do-or- die” plan. With that in mind, here in this (article) we will go beyond promises of a better home but we will introduce you to the world […]