March 5, 2018
As sure as the fireworks start to spark up in the sky on New Year’s Eve, millions of Filipinos start to believe that it’s their chance for a fresh start. Maybe they would want to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle or just improve themselves generally. But without specific, attainable goals in mind, those resolutions will always be a part of the list (which could be used again for the next year). This time, make sure your 2018 is much happier and healthier by trying to implement these simple changes in your daily life.
1. Don’t skip breakfast!
Start your day right by eating a heavy breakfast. Eating the most important meal of the day, especially with protein, could help you live a healthier life. According to the studies, eating breakfast with protein helps people eat less throughout the day.
2. Exercise daily
Go hit the gym, go run a few laps, or even enroll in a yoga class. These activities are widely known to release endorphins, which improves your mood and may even aid in the treatment of depression.
3. Get enough sleep
Sleeping for about seven to nine hours a day will keep your mind and body healthy. According to research, having complete and sufficient sleep helps people to succeed at their tasks and enjoy greater well-being.
4. Try new foods
Your diet is one of the most important things to look out for this 2018. If you feel that your diet is not working, how about trying a different approach? Try other healthy foods that can spice up your routine and would help you start to appreciate nutritious meals and snacks. And of course, don’t forget to drink more water – always remember the importance of staying hydrated.
5. Start to invest
One small habit to make your 2018 better is to start investing if you haven’t already. But not just any kind of investing – try real estate investing! Real estate companies such as Global Estate Resorts, Inc. offers projects that would certainly give you the #PerfectInvestment for you and your family. Check out the properties of Twin Lakes, The Philippines’ First Vineyard Resort Township Community.
6. Become a realistic optimist
Positive thinking could get you in the long run. It actually helps you to improve your mind and general outlook in life. You may not need to push so hard towards happiness that would make you look foolish for the entire year. Learn the art of appreciation and be true to yourself. Find the things that you truly love and from there, create something that would enrich your soul and mind. And of course don’t forget to smile – but yes, even smiling can help you have a better 2018.
Your better life is just a few habits away! You might take some time to adjust but always believe that the results would be worth the effort. Actually, these habits are just small actions and are not totally hard to do. We all have 24 hours in a day, so why waste time? Let’s all focus in making our 2018 a better year!