April 3, 2018

The value of living in the South encourages urban citizens to buy property outside of the metro. Apart from the growth of modern conveniences and benefits of living in the South, the place promotes tourism, culture, nature, and productivity in innovating the lives of its people both for the present and future generations.


Here are the three great advantages of living in the South:




1. Be with nature every day
The whole South is famous for its environmental friendly developments. The companies are respecting and preserving nature and green spaces in order to boost the wellness of their people. Developers always have careful planning to make sure that there are still spacious parks for activities that will rejuvenate and enhance more the well-being of the South people.




2. Everything is within your reach
Interconnectedness and walkability – two of the reasons why everything in the South is within your reach. There are walkways and pedestrian lanes, and shopping villages and road networks are easily accessible. The convenient life in the South is what makes metro people flock and appreciate properties offered by the South.




3. There’s a variety of lifestyle choices
Yes, when it comes to lifestyle choices, the metro has its complete list. But what makes the South different? Of course, less traffic and pollution. The South provides lifestyle options to choose from. Whether it’s a grand dining experience at a restaurant or café, or at the luxurious lifestyle offered by developments such as Twin Lakes, The Philippines’ First Vineyard Resort Township Community.




These days, multiple homebuyers are seeking a fully connected and balanced lifestyle, within a progressive and nature-friendly environment. With that, Twin Lakes is proud to say that it is the perfect choice for those homebuyers! It is a township that would certainly last through the next generations and would be a harmonious home for everyone.



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