The Best Thing About the South: An escape within your reach!

Cool breeze, open spaces, and fresh air, these are the things that people always say whenever they hear the word “South”. From those, one could conclude something; South is quite, simple, and home. From being easily accessible due to the construction of Skyway, Expressway, and service roads, the South is definitely the best choice for people seeking refuge from the intoxicating vibe of Metro.

The South always welcomes people with its tight-knit, family-friendly neighborhood. Set to offer an easy-going yet luxurious atmosphere, the South is famous for its Domaine le Jardin and The Belvedere Towers, some of the projects being offered by TWIN LAKES, the Philippines’ First Vineyard Resort Township Community.

Twin Lakes is a prestigious on-going project, encompassing 1200 hectares, developed by Megaworld Corporation and Global Estate Resorts, Inc. If you’re familiar with the established township developer you may think that the elevated quality of life and the urbanized amenities offered by the project may be out of your budget. But wait! Did you know that Twin Lakes’ payment terms are manageable and would certainly help you afford a bigger unit – one that you truly deserved!

The project is set only 1.5 hours away from the major points of Manila, an average of 50 minutes from its nearby provinces (Laguna, Batangas, etc.), and rest assured that it is accessible to everyone and could offer a relaxing vibe with the comfort and convenient luxurious lifestyle.

For more information about Twin Lakes and its premier lots and condominiums visit www.twinlakes.ph; or call 0917-530-5200. You may also follow @seetwinlakesph on facebook and twitter, and @twinlakesph on instagram.

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